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If Byldr Is a Hammer. Where Do I Get the Materials to Start Bylding?

It’s a good question. Many of us are quite familiar and capable with assembling things from LEGO blocks to IKEA shelves. However, we may struggle if asked to produce the raw materials as many of us don’t have the skills or resources to do so. Don’t worry! We have you covered here at Byldr. Continuing the building analogy, think of Byldr like home decorating. Yes, home decorating. I hear you saying, “Seriously?”. Just follow me for a moment. When you are decorating a home, office or just a room, you don’t build the furniture, weave the rugs or create the art you hang on your walls. Instead, you compile items that fit your personal taste or room function and place them as you desire. That's what Byldr is. It’s the tool that allows you to easily assemble all the components you have selected to create your beautiful space or in our case, app. Now the challenge of course is where do you shop for the furniture, rugs and art that you are wanting to place in the room?

If you are the artistic type or familiar with creating digital assets, great! Go ahead and create whatever 3D model you want using whichever tool and import your assets directly into your Byldr project. If you are wanting to learn where you can create some 3D models, a couple of our favorite platforms are Blender, Adobe, Maya, SketchUp or Unity. If you aren't able or inclined to build your own models, fear not, as you can utilize our new Sketchfab plugin that is now integrated with Byldr in the latest download! What is Sketchfab you might be asking? It’s a common platform for the publishing, sharing and selling of 3D, AR and VR content. Given that it is used by over 5 million creators just like you, there is a good chance that the very asset you are looking for to inspire or polish off your Byldr project is right there.

Once you have your desired assets chosen, simply sign into the Byldr App and access the Sketchfab plugin on the project menu to start importing your desired assets. Done. Simple as that. There is one limitation though and that is size of the asset. To help we have included a caution to let you know when you might run into problems and a progress indicator to let you know Byldr is still working at it and not to worry.

At Byldr, we understand that the hardest part of an application is coming up with the idea in the first place. As such, we want to ensure that we make building it as easy as possible! Check out a sample Byld here and use it as your Muse. Also, if you are looking to learn more about Byldr, please check out the fireside chat, Dream. Design. Deploy. All in XR with Byldr hosted by Radiant Digital. Simply click here to access the discussion! Let's Byld the future together!

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