About Byldr

The app that will change the world is out there and the best way to find it is to have everyone looking.  That is the philosophy of Inflexion Point, the team behind Byldr, the most flexible no code, on device mixed reality development tool available.


High cost.  Complex development engines.  Limited access to resources.  An intuitive platform for distribution, collaboration, and growth.  All challenges experienced by the founders of Inflexion Point as they built enterprise applications for oil and gas, medical/health, engineering/construction, environmental protection, professional sports franchises and gaming.  All challenges that Byldr is engineered to eliminate.


Code free, on device, multiuser collaborative development coupled with hand tracking and intuitive UI significantly reduces the arc from ideation to realization.  We built Byldr so you can build everything else.  

Sean Ong

Founder & CTO

"We created Byldr to help lower the barriers of mixed reality development, unleash creativity and productivity on a global scale, and to accelerate building an accessible and exciting future for everyone."

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